March 11th, 2010

Quinn/Dan Lick

Meaning shush

Still no router. Bah.

I'm stuck at the library now, but for some reason aol mail's down (doubly annoying since it says it's full).

So this week so far has been mostly faily. With no net you'd think I'd go on Guitar Hero, watch the dvds I've meant to watch, read, fic or go on other games. Alas, apart from a bit of ficcing I've done none of these things. My body seems to have decided to take this netless time and essentially shut down. So instead of doing anything, it's deciding to send me to sleep.

Ah and now e-mail works! So it's not been full too long, only for a few hours.

A t-shirt I ordered of e-bay finally came yesterday. only it was the wrong one and, when Mikey contacted them they didn't have any of the right one. Fail. What's worse is that it's one I have that I already got sent twice by play. Gah!

Good thing today though. I got Saw VI finally and pre-ordered Pokemon Soul Silver (and got Monsters vs Aliens to watch with nan). I wish the special edition of Saw would turn up already so I can do a run.

So yeah. I hope the router turns up tomorrow before I go insane. Maybe I'll be more productive tonight, but doing the shopping has killed my arms so...
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