March 7th, 2010

Moose Perdy


Heroes last night was good. Nom nom Sylar. Invisible girl always makes me think of Annie in Being Human.

I had hoped to fic something, but I've not managed to finish anything yet. It hasn't helped that the net/comp has been bitchy so...

Waiting for the space thing to come on BBC2, cause space stuff is awesome and the presenter's hot.

I hope that, in my lifetime, there's a mission to Europa to find out what life's there. Come on, the ocean there is bigger then all of the ones on earth combined, how can there not be life? I don't get why they're not making the effort now.

Things to do this week:
*Watch the four Gilmore Girls eps I missed. 2 are downloaded, two online. I need this done ASAP, preferably before more eps get added
*Finish the two fics, preferably soon before the inspiration is gone.
*Look through the uni stuff that came
*Chase up e-bay peeps
*Watch more of Bleach, at least to see what happens to the cute bird
*Watch the Fightstar dvd
*Saw run, probably around Wednesday
*Move everything around, since mum's messed this room up a bit

Lastly, look who I saw today!

It's him! Rhys!
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