March 5th, 2010

Jay Cock!

How can I help you if you don't know who you are?

This is gonna be a longish, but random, post.

First, it's amusing that one of the Homoemo boys is now a shemale.

Second, the trip yesterday went ok. We fed an army of ducks, and some took the bread from our hands again.

Then we went up the town. I wasn't gonna get much. I got a cheap fig from Tescos and the first issue of the new Dinosaur mangazine. However, in Lorimer's there was something that I just had to have. A cute ickle unicorn called Legend! It's so cute!< 3

We got Kerrang and Dino mag 2 from the other Tesco.

We did a late night run, and on both ways we saw our kitty stalker! And he came inside! < 333 I wish he'd stayed.

I wanna see the Aurra Sing Sideshow figure properly.

Had a call, so had to call up Job Center. Apparently the new place isn't sorted so they're calling everyone. Sigh.

Had a semi idea, may start it later.

Today we did manage to see Alice. We got there early, so we saw the trailers.

There was the 3D Doctor Who one, which was pretty good. I wish it had been a more... proper one, but it was still cool.

There was one for How To Tame Your Dragon, which is always cute!

After that there was one for Toy Story 3, yay! Sadly, Buttercup wasn't in it but it was still awesome!

The others were Shrek 4 (seen before, looks ok), Despicable Me (looks interesting, but was short) and Legend of The Guardians (which had owls). The last one was odd cause it had 30 Seconds play in it! Oddness.

Then Alice came on. It was pretty good. It was odd seeing the chick from Waters Of Mars in one of those fancy dresses. I'll probably move around like the White Queen a lot cause the constant hand movements amuse me. I liked how her army looked like chess pieces.

After we went in TK and Toys R Us. Both were ehish, though I wish I coulda got the Torchwood fig in TK. Damnit.

When we got back, Mikey had a funny turn, but seems be better now. Yay!

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