March 4th, 2010

Jay Guh

We are the hunted

Since my last post on Monday... not much has happened really.

On Monday night we watched New Town Killers, which was good. it was odd seeing the Doctor's new companion in it though.

We went out yesterday to feed the ducks. They were so adorable! There were three white ones that were so cute. They weren't shy. They all came up to us and even took bread from our hands! On the way back to Mikey's we saw our kitty stalker, but noisy kids scared it from stalking.

How can Locoroco be so cute? And only be on PSP? Sucky thing.

We went to get Mikey's Kerrang today. Kerrang=nom. Scans of Bullet are here and they are nomnomnom. All four look damn good. With Jay's new red bits, Mikey thinks he should be in homoemo. Naturally I agree.

On the way back from getting it we made friends with another kitty, yay!

We watched a few things today. First was The Warriors, which was amusing causa the baseball furies who MCR did a poster in their outfits. Mikey says it's an NME one. Later we watched Bleach, well, just the first four eps. It's pretty good, I'm liking it so far, as does Mikey.
Later we'll be watching Cabin Fever 2, after Dead Ringers (which Mikey says isn't that great but I've no idea).

We had sushi! Saur made, nom!

Mum seems to be always out when I try and call. Meh.

Damn Sonisphere line-up looking more interesting.

I'm slowly working on fic whenever I'm on comp. Dunno when I'll finis it, probably when I'm at home if bint's not a bitch.

Tomorrow we're gonna go up the town and Friday we might be seeing Alice (though that seems to be doubtful, damn online ticket ordering).

Finally a random Jay pic, just cause.
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Bob Hillbilly

The one thing I learned that was totally mutual


So the rumour awhile back was true, Bob's left MCR. There's a statement made by Frank, but it's vague. There's no why or what happened. It's not even clear if it was Bob's choice or if they threw him out. I hope he does his solo project, or something like Ilan did. I really hope he doesn't just give up on music because of this. He was the member I liked most.

The more time goes on, the less excited I am for MCR's new stuff (which was already hindered by me being more excited for Bullet's stuff).


Going up the town soon hopefully.

Felt... something downstairs last night. Didn't like it.
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