February 25th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Incest in the morning on the radio

So I'm here (and I changed my mind and bought the lappy with me).

I hate the trip. It gets so long and I fell asleep on the coach instead of reading.

I got Kerrang (with Danny from Mcfly on... I mean the My Passion guy). I still want next week's (causa Bullet and a BMTH poster) but this weeks was ok. It's odd seeing glastocharm in it and Alex and Jack are amusing (together they make a working mind, and it's awesome they were asked a Star Wars question, and it's amusing they didn't seem to know who Oli was).

The Birmingham coach station has finally been redone, with new retail outlets (aka a teeny Smiths and a Starbucks, bah). It's not that great really.

The trip was ok, the coach got in London early and I was stuck at Orpington a bit, but I got here at the earliest ETA, so... yeah.

We've been to Tesco and, due to a mix up on their system, I got two Clone Wars figure for half price. Score. I hope I can get more at that price when we do a late run (I hope they get in a Commando Droid or something to battle against the two clones I got). Pics later maybe. I got Rex and Thire (who has the cool senate colours).

Gonna go now and eat.
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