February 20th, 2010

Jay Cock!

That's what she said, wooo!

Things done today:
*Watched the other two Mandolorian episodes, obviously they're awesome! I hope they do a figure of the assassin probe, cause they're so cool. And the bunny bots! There were so many! They're awesome!
*Watched last week's Heroes. Ughh nom Sylar
*Ficced slightly
*Iconned a bit
*Had pasta

Both Big Cheese mags came today. I've not looked through them properly, but I skimmed through the Bullet interview. Apparently some Swedish magazine had the idea that Jay liked to knit! How crazy is that? Especially since this was early Bullet with Jay's angry lesbian hair. Ah the days when Jay actually looked intimidating even though he'd often still open his mouth wide.

I may watch more Clone Wars tomorrow.

There's a new Who trailer but it doesn't like me so...

Thanks Fightstar for making a twitter saying Omar's covered in chocolate. Damn them for not posting pics!

Things to do tomorrow:
*Watch Bleach
*Maybe watch Clone Wars
*Maybe go on Guitar Hero

I end this post with a picture of Jay, cause I can.

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