February 18th, 2010

Jay Cock!

I cast a spell of detect magic!

If you don't awww there's something wrong with you!

Today's been fairly productive (though I can't seem to settle on anything to fic...).

I finally found the first Mandolorian episode online and it was awesome! They're so cool. I jsut wish I could watch the last part of the second ep (which has awesome Assassin probes).

I've cleared out the cabinet by the bed, since the shelves haven't been re-put up (and I doubt they will soon) so I've put the dvds in there. I've just gotta finish doing the bottom shelf. It's scary how many D, F and S dvds I have.

I'm watching Futurama now and realise don't have any icons. Anyone got any? The only one I've made is of the land squid which I dunno if it'd be good enough.

This is the Resident Evil tee I got yesterday, yay! It even has the Umbrella Corporation logo on the back.

The Bullet necklace came today, so I'm wearing it now.

Mum's gonna look for the Star Wars magazine. I've printed a pic so, yay!
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