February 17th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Take this and that and one of these

We went to Walsall today, a few days late but still.

Finally saw Avatar. It was pretty good. It made me sad in places. Pandora's so pretty. What's with Michelle Rodrigez dying in everything I see her in? The long half term queue meant we missed the trailers boo. Only saw Shrek 4's. Mum seemed to like Avatar too, yay!

Got mostly random things, and again I wish I'd got Star Wars magazine when I first saw it. Still, mum's gonna look this weekend. I got a random serial killer book, Kerrang (which I need to read proper), jelly beans and a Resident Evil tee.

Other things:
*Minis came this morning, yay!
*How cool is this? Star Wars FTW!
*We finally had the answers to the bloody Panic! pics (for this vid) but sadly Spencer's hardly in it.
*How do you hold tortia's together? (However you spell them...)
*Still squeeish over Bullet
*My Futurama run is now in the films

As always, I'm sure I had more to say but... it's gone.
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