February 15th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Knows not does he!

I shall call them my squishy and they shall be mine

Today didn't go as planned. We were supposed to be going to Walsall, but we didn't. It was all very faily.

Nintendo magazine, why send me another Rabbids game? You fails.

I ended up ordering Big Cheese online (the latest one and an old school one with Bullet on the cover, so old school Jay has his angry lesbian hair) and some stuff from e-bay (not much though) so it's kinda... less faily.

Toy Fair was Saturday and Sunday, which means new Star Wars stuff! Yay!

The stuff I thought was awesome:
*Cad Bane on pirate speeder
*Aurra Sing
*The new Kit
*The new Grievous
*The new Lego Grievous' starfighter
*Remote control Hailfire droid
*Captain Rex in snow gear

I still think they should do a LEP droid.

Watched Being Human on time, which was ogod. I wanna cuddle Annie. Mum seemed to like it, though I had to explain it to her as she asked questions. 'Is he a vampire?' 'Is she normal?'

I wish I had inspiration. It feels like I should be doing something but... I fail.

Typically I fell asleep on Saturday and thusly missed Heroes. Bah. And there's no repeat so I'll have to watch it online. Why is it on regular i-player but not the Wii one?

I might finish the Futurama series now. Then go onto the films at some point. Not tonight, causa Glee/Cleaveland/Skins. I'll probably grab my doritos and much while watching them.
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