February 13th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Walking around without a soul

Got some new icons, gonna load up more later probably.

Up came today, gonna watch soon.

Mum's doing sushi first. Nom nom nom.

Seen nan, she was alright. I'd done the raffle there when I was there last and I've won something, but the office was closed so I dunno what yet.

Listened to Mayday Parade on the way (thankfully found the player's charger) they sound goo.

Mum's got some crap on tv. It's annoying.

Harry seems to have perked up, yay!

John Barrowman milking a cow is amusing.

There's gonna be a remote contol Hailfire droid which I think'll be awesome!

Not got much else planned for today, cause I'm boring like that. Only gonna watch QI and Heroes, that's all that's planned.
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