February 11th, 2010

Jay Cock!

With nice, cheap words

There seems to be an increasing number of adverts about teeth. They just make me think one thing: what's the point? hey seem to be more trouble then they're worth and I don't see the point of having nerves in them. Why can't they be like hair and fingernails?


Anyone bothered enough by Madina Lake to see them in Birmingham with me?

Kerrang's ok. The best bit is the poster of Oli (with the cute puppy!) and also the amusing thing on the Kerrang tour. Though it's annoying that (at least) Sean and Jack got their balls out and they didn't take a pic. Bastards.

I'm following Alex from All Time Low on twitter, mostly cause I saw it randomly and he said something about Dash Rendar. Obscure Star Wars references=FTW!

Went to Cannock today. I started reading the novel of the Clone Wars film which, like the novel of Revenge Of The Sith, reveals a kinda big spoiler towards the start. I got NCIS to watch with mum, I got a Slitheen book, a cheap Stargate dvd and got something for saur. And the usual food. I got the Starburst magazine on the way back, which I'll look through properly soon. Oddly, though, it seems to be months old if not more.

Resident Evil was on tv last night so I watched it. I still say Alice is hot (and a obvious lesbian girlwhore). And the laser grid is awesome.

Now back to ficcing. I hope to finish it soon.
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