February 9th, 2010

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You can be anything you want. Except a diplomat

Things of note:
*If anyone on my f-list hates each other, that's fine but unless it directly involves me keep it out of here
*I'd rather jump in a rancor pit then get back in the MCR fandom properly
*That one's only semi-random (seriously, how long has that not so subtle dig at me been on fuckyoumcr's profile?)
*I feel I'm close to finishing Rabbids, yay!
*Where the fuck is the postman?
*Except and expect have only one letter switched, this is odd
*Nother fic done
*I have no idea what I'll work on today, but I'll see soon
*May watch Futurama or Death Note later

The poll's going as expected, which is to say is somewhat predictable but somewhat surprising. (Although doesn't zombies actually lead to gore? How can you have zombies and no gore? Madness people!) I am surprised by how many people voted for Umbrella Academy. Makes me wanan work on the fic more.

Anyway, there's two little things I'd like to add to it, which I hope people who've already voted do (and I didn't include originally cause I always miss something [and this time I managed to misspell Apocalyptica too]) anyway, here they are:
*Pairings. Is there specific ones you want me to do? (or do more of) No matter how random, just... list any that you'd want really. The more the better.
*The other thing is something that always happens when I do a poll. There's people that vote (some I don't recognise) that don't actually comment (or rarely do) so please, if you like a fic then comment, even if it's just something simple like 'I loved this' or something
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UA Kraken Reading

Of Fire And Water

Of Fire And Water
Pairing: The Kraken/The Seance, Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone (implied... vaguely)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Seance
Warnings: Pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, death
Notes: No real porn, but it's implied. I honestly can't rememeber what gave me the idea that started this. It's taken so long to work out an actual ending. The original thought was more exciting but I couldn't seem to work it in my head so... Set before the series, so not much spoiler-wise.
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