February 6th, 2010

Jay Cock!

I can see it from here

Random post, again.

It's been a really, oddly, productive week. I mean I've done like 5 fics in 6 days, which is probably the most productive I've been in ages. It's kinda scary, but good. Might do another this weekend.

Also still working on notes for one to start it at some point.

I missed Heroes last night, cause I fail, so I've gotta watch the download later. Damn I-player not having it. I saw Being Human though. George is cute. And Sykes clearly stole Jack's jacket.

Gotta head down the road Thursday to get Starburst magazine, cause I know Cannock no has it. Star Wars specials FTW!

Rabbids is amusing. I has one purple, one red and they're as insane as ever. I'll be going on tonight.

Lostprophets were just on T4 but it was so short. Boo. Lee also now has hair as blonde as Sean. I suspect Ian is behind it.

I wish I was seeing them.

What else? I dunno, but I'm sure there was something. Ah well, I'll probably remember it if there was right?

Gonna be going to nan's soon.
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