February 4th, 2010

Waycest Cuddle

Big hole!

Yesterday was ok. After the last post I just moved tings around and put posters up. I started fic, which is new and random and I hope to do today. I went on the new Rabbids game and it's amusing. It also akes me think of Wall-E. I may go on later.

My head was killing me again last night, but it calmed down as soon as I popped pills. I thought it was getting better, I don't get it.

The people being arsey to asphyxiatide should be kicked in the head (and yes, I know I don't know details but still...).

Today's been ok so far. Not sure what I'm gonna do though. Might shift more stuff, finish fic, Rabbids.

Pic post now just cause. All taken on DS so...

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