February 3rd, 2010

Jay Cock!

A corrupt system of robot elders!

Thoughts for the day:
*Slut!girl!Oli fic=done and posted, nom!
*One of the town elders in Gilmore Girls makes me think of a Jedi... of Darth Sidious in a steam room
*Watched the first ep of Vampire Diaries last night. Didn't think much of it so didn't watch the second. Damon's hot and everything, but it just seemed too much like every other American tean drama
*Ages ago I sent off my faulty Futurama disc to get replaced. I never heard anything back so figured it got lost, but now they sent a replacement. Instead of just sending the one disc, they sent the whole boxset AND the faulty disc. What am I gonna do with it? Frame it?
*This week's Kerrang's actually quiet good. Yay for Ian being sexually ambiguous. Though I'm surprised he's done drugs
*Also huzzah for the Bullet poster being all of them. Jay looks nom (though I wish his hair was still long), Moose is hat weariing again, Padge looks... dear gods I hope his hair's just tied back. Matt, now Matt looks hot. And oddly... Padge-like
*Got Rock Sound too. It's not as interesting but at least it has a hot poster. Can there be a proper Bullet thing next issue?
*Mum's got the stuff to post to saur. Hopefully the line in the post office isn't too long so she'll actually send it.
*Ahh it's Tuvok in Fresh Prince!
*Head feels better mostly
*Gonna go now and shift stuff around
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