January 31st, 2010

TB Matthew Crouched topless

I'll try spinning, that's a neat trick

In a lot of ways, today was annoying.

We went to Birmingham at 12 and did the usual run round shops. I got a Resident Evil: Code Veronica graphic novel, some card sleeves, Black Velvet magazine and a Pokemon book. And that's it. I should've got the Star Wars magazine in Forbidden Planet causa the Mandolorians and Argos had crap figures in. Bah.

The signing was annoying. There was no sign or prewarning that anything was needed, then when we got there it was a ticket thing. What the fuck? Bah.

Then there was the waiting in the cold for the gig, which I always hate. And we missed Young Guns cause they had to be on first. I got nothing from indoors, but saur got us posters after.

My Passion were ok. They wandered round sifgning stuff and I think one looks like Danny from Mcfly, only with a neck tatt.

The Blackout were awesome as always. Before the first song even started properly Sean was showing skin and molesting Matthew. Jay (Smith, not James) was at the side of the stage after setting up for them, being all cute. Unfortunately, from our position, I couldn't see Snoz. Boo. I could see his arms sorta, but not much. Sean made the mic spin around his arm, then Gavin did a similiar thing and got it around his neck. Matthew was adorable. Sean wanted all the boys topless. Just the boys. The perv. I probably missed or forgot stuff, cause I'm dense like that.

All Time Low were good, better then My Passion and they gain points purely because they were amusing. The best part was towards the end and Alex said that he 'Masturbated to The Blackout's music' and Jack commented that there 'wasn't a mouth big enough for Sean's balls'. Alex concured. (Another Kerrang tour, another lot of fic it seems... although didn't I miss doing some for last years? I'm sure I intended to do some... anyway...) Such pervs! Mikey thinks Alex is gay.

We caught Gavin hanging round ad I got him to sign my single. None of the others were about though. Sigh. Mieky's gonna take my single to try and get the others to sign it though.

So we caught the train, I had a nap and by the time we got back it had snowed just a little. Enough to be classed as a dusting. Mikey slipped, but he's ok thankfully.

Gonna watch... something then bed methinks (and I have 264 twitters to go through). I don't want him to go tomorrow.
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We Have A Problem

We Have A Problem
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Mikey Way, others implied
Rating: NC-17
POV: Adam
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: The next meme fic, for mikeyface (it's also thanks for the magazine< 3). It's the longest of the mem fics so far, which 've mostly kept purposely short I'm quite pleased with this, so I hope you like. It's also sorta a srquel to For Your Entertainment though reading that's unecessary.
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