January 27th, 2010

ROTS Obi Shocked

There be monsters

Saur came yesterday, yay! We had Dominos, it was nice.

Be warned, crankiness ahead. Extreme crankiness.

So today was gonna be nice and simple. I was gonna sort out the dvds, which needed reorganising. I got about half done, before the shelves feel off the wall, ripping off the things that held them there. Thankfully I was downstairs at the time else I would've been crushed by them. Bastard things. So I've spent ages just trying to move the dvds that fell and it's bought the headache back and stressed me out. Gah!

Fucking shelves.

So I'm a bit antisocial now. For some reason saur's watching Back To The Future 2 downstairs with mum and I dunno why. It's odd.

Bullet's album is out April 26th which is too far away.

Kerrang is mostly eh.

Tomorrow we're meant to be going to Walsall to see Toy Story 2 3D. No idea when though.

I can still see you're watching me. Again. As I said in the edit to the last postL what's the deal? Why do you have to watch me daily?

Bah, I'm gonna go lay down/try to nap to see if that helps with head. Then I've gotta mess with more dvds. Joy.
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