January 26th, 2010

Bob Even more adorable

I'm overboard, I can't swim

Weekend post.

Satuday was eh. As I went to nan's I picked up cheap dvds, a set of Doctor Who jigsaws and some Doctor Who cards (I got 63 new ones, 3 so rare they're worth £5+ normally) so that was productive. Then I was at nan's for about five minutes before my uncle got there with him for over an hour with the fucking football on.

The rest of the weekend was shitty, mostly because I've had really bad headaches from when I got back from nan's. That's led me to not being on much, or being able to do all of those ficlets before Mikey comes tomorrow (like I wanted).

Today's been iffy. For some reason I got the JC time wrong so was late, but it was pointless anyway.

I wish mum was like Lorelai Gilmore and not like the moany woman she is.

Annoying callers are annoying.

For some reason the awesome mouse has stopped working and I can't work out why.

Obvious Waycest is obvious. I wish we could get that here. Or there was at least a better quality scan.

Saur's coming tomorrow, yay! I hope my headaches are gone by then.

A few minor edits:

Lostprophets didn't make it to number one. Boo. But they did get to 3! Yay! Although I didn't see the album anywhere in Asda. Odd.

Showers suck.

Looking at the paid account feature my guests is odd. So many random LJ users just seem to come here (hi random people!). Oddest of all, there's at least one person that keeps checking daily. It's odd. I'm not friends with this person, but the name's familiar. Does anyone recognise/know/recall who pensierobello is or anything?
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