January 23rd, 2010

Jepha Skin

I want to sleep but I hear voices

Random bullet point post again:
*Need to get the next Rock Sound cause Bullet are in it (I hope it's all of them and not just Matt)
*I didn't go much on Lostprophets live lounge thing yesterday
*Though I got the Mirror causa it
*I did fic the other day and I'm very happy with it, go read/comment or I'll poke you
*I went on Guitar Hero and did Bullet's song (and a few others). Why's Scream Aim Fire so hard? I managed it anyway. I may try it on bass, since I've not been on it as bass at all
*I should be going to nan's later
*I came second in a Star Wars comp so I have a 12inch Holographic Darth Sidious on it's way. Sweet
*I'm out of pepsi, less sweet
*I'm gonna finish the rest of the gigs on Guitar Hero later, so I can start on 5 soon
*Only four people answered that fic meme, so four ficlets for it is all I'll do. Hopefully gonna do two today and two tomorrow
*Still gotta re-read UA and start Hotel Dusk, cause I fail like that
*Why's there no good tv on at 8am?
*Mikey'll be here Tuesday, so I won't be on as much till Sunday (basically all I'll do is posts/twitters/e-mail)

And with that, I go to get drink
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