January 20th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Didn't know I could choke you through the TV did you?

Today's been essentially pointless. It took me forever to actually decide that yes, I was going to go to the signing today. It seemed like I was all set to go. I had an ok sleep and everything. But then workmen decided it would be fun to drill outside. I'd set myself up to go at about 11:30ish, after watching Gilmore Girls, but they messed up the already iffy E4 signal (which is why I watch most things on +1 anyway). So I remained in bed and, unintentionally, fell asleep.

By the time I work, it was after 1 and, even if I rushed, the earliest I'd be there is 3. Considering last time the queue was massive, that there was limited wristbands and that Lostprophets are set to be number 1, it seemed pointless to go.

So here I am, still here.


I've been on Guitar Hero a lot these past few days. I unlocked the Bullet song earlier so I'll do that gig next.

I got Kerrang. Anyone that doesn't want the massive poster, I'll take it off your hands. Not that I expect anyone won't want it. Also got NME cause Gerard's on the cover and looking good.

I'm gonna finish eating now, followed by snugging in bed, watching stuff and moping.

This vid makes me smile though. It should make you smile too.

Edit: About 50 seconds in is amusing and has given me images.

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