January 19th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Y meirw cerdded

The past day's been productive, yet not.

I finished fic last night/early this morning. It was basically something random I started this weekend and was basically done to serve as Ilan porn. I think it worked out oretty well.

After that (and showering) I still couldn't sleep so I read Death Troopers. I finished it too, yay! It's so awesome. I want the prequel now. Everyone should read it cause it has two awesome things (Star Wars and zombies).

I missed Glee. And I think there's other things too. Oh well.

I saw Being Human last night. Poor Annie. And guh, Mitchell looks good tied up.

Pudge has lost his key on AC again. Stupid boy. I spent about twenty minutes trying to find it before giving up.

I wanna go to a gas giant, cause scientists think there could be whole diamond oceans there causa the pressure. How pretty and cool does that sound?

I love this song. I think it's my fav on the album.

I may try fic some more tomorrow, but I'll definitely go on Guitar Hero. I'm not quite sure what I'd fic, probably something random (since most ideas either need research, rereading or would be multipart stuff). I may do another of those fic polls.

Saur's gonna be here a week tomorrow. Eeep!
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ROTS Padme Ruminations

Drowning in your darkest blue

A few days ago mum talked about us leaving here, going to start someplace new. I didn't really know what to say, just told her not to talk about it, not to think about it. Although this is my home, always has been really, the only long term thing keeping us here is nan. A woman who's slowly slipping away in front of us, who now neither recognises us nor can talk to us, who's barely there yet somehow still is.

I dunno.

Maybe we could go to Wales if it came to that. It's nice there. So green. Plus it's full of Welsh people, which is a plus.


Today's been an odd kinda day. No mail. Barely any sleep. Close to finishing Deep Space 9. ANnoying callers being annoying.

I went on Guitar Hero properly (on easy) and ended up being faily, then have to switch sides before doing ok (on songs I never heard of). I may go on later cause I unlocked the venue with Monsoon.

I won't know if I'm going to the signing for another few hours. Hopefully I will be.

I'm gonna cancel the dentist appointment. I still feel... wrong. I think it might be best holding off on it. I'll call them in the morning.

Gonna sort some form of food (why do I seem to make posts and feel hungry by the end?) and watch the last two DS9 eps, maybe go on GH and... I dunno. I guess I'll see if I can be creative somehow.

Also, why do Americans seem to want to take something we've done and remake it? Which mostly translates in making a crap version of it and it failing horribly. The sole exception is Queer As Folk (yes, we did it first) which they seemed to make work but everything else... has gone wrong. Stop stealing our stuff!
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