January 14th, 2010

Darran Perdy

Set the boat free

LJ, sort out e-mails or I'll fucking bitch slap you! It's really starting to get annoying now.

I've kinda not followed my plan for this week, cause I'm faily like that. I did hear Lostprophets (well, half of them) on the radio last night. It was funny and the Welsh accents owns all others. Seriously. I love it. Sean was on being an idiot and they were generally funny. They also played a Young Guns song, which I loved so I downloaded the EP (which I also love) so extra love for the Kerrang gig.

The Betrayed's on the way, yay! The song they played from it last night was awesome. Better then the last single, which I didn't like.

Also came up with a theory for Welsh bands. They all need a quiet one, an angry one and a rambly one. Examples quiet: Darran, Jay, Rhys, Matthew, angry: Bob, Padge (when booze is withheld), rambly: Ian, Sean, Matt.

Also yesterday I learn that Omar from Fightstar's not smart. Don't dunk your balls in the snow and hold them there!

Last Christmas fic done, expect other things soon. Likely things are:
*Finishing that Umbrella Academy fic I have open
*More 50kinyways stuff
*Likely another girl!Jay fic
*Finishing the random Star Wars fic that's open
*More to These Photographs (well, the planned part anyway)
*Hotel Dusk fic (once started game)
*Zelda fic
*Ilan fic
*Darran fic
*Possible killer fic

Nintendo magazine came today, which owns cause it has a Zelda poster. Though Rabbids is still not here, fail.

The new mouse is awesome cause it colour changes!

I was meant to go to Cannock today, but due to waiting on a delivery of something for mum (which hasn't turned up) mum's said I should go tomorrow so I am. I got Kerrang from the Co-Op and got served by the nice lady, yay! Kerrang's ok. The Bullet thing (as always) is focussed on Matt and the picture with Jay has him looking like he's about to smash his bass over Padge's head. But there's a release date sorta! April! Why's it have to be so far away?! I hope there'll be a dvd with it. And signings. With naked Jay.

Other good things in Kerrang are two good posters and a We Are The Ocean thing (Alfie's hot). Next week sees the return of stickers and massive posters which are of Oli (from a recent photoshoot) and MCR (from a shoot so long ago Gerard's blond).

Gonna add more to archive posts. Shall edit links to recent fic here causa LJ's recent screwing.

23 Needles - Lee Malia/Matt Nicholls
Displaced People - Jethro Cane/Merlin
Three On One - Bob Bryar/Frank Iero/Mikey Way/Ray Toro
Bad Girl - girl!Gerard Way/Lyn-Z
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