January 13th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Eels up inside you

Happy birthday Claire! You're getting old now:P Expect present and card soon.

Today's been pointless. The mail fail's. No packages came today, despite some stuff on it's way (since Friday). Bah. Also faily is that Kerrang's distribution has failed and it's not here. Getting Kerrang on Wednesday is my only routine, why's it have to fuck that up? Bah! I'm sure it'll have the Bullet release date too.

Yesterday I was pestered by dentist (seriously, they said I should callthem to rebook, not the other way round), I had to go all the way to Tesco to get pepsi (and almost got blown away by the wind. I watched Survivor's, which I ended up being confused by and hardly watching.

I finished Professor Layton, which was good. Anton's hot.

Also watched random Mighty Boosh eps, cause I felt like it.

It's been snowing pretty much constantly all day.

I may re-read Umbrella Academy laters, but I dunno when. I'm gonna hijack the radio to listen to Ian on Radio 1, where he'll probably talk us to death. But he's Welsh so that's ok.

I may try and fic too. I wanna get the last Xmas fic done so I can get onto other things.

Also gotta get back to Death Troopers, cause it's awesome like that.

Also gotta go through Bullet lyrics cause I might have an idea and those might help.

Off now, expect a fic post later and another one maybe.

Edit: Scratch mail, Doctor has come, yay!
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