January 12th, 2010

Jay Cock!

One way or another

Random post time!

I watched Glee last night, which was better then I expected. Though I still want to punch Rachel, she's annoying. Whenever I see the coach I keep thinking of her in The X-Files where, ironically she worked in a school and was evil.

I'm almost done on Mario Wii. I hate the last caste in world 7 cause it's annoyingly easy to die. Oddly, though I'm so close to the end, Yoshi's only been in two levels. Seems almost pointless including him. It's good and it's clever in places.

Being Human was good. I hate the bad guy. Mitchell and wolfie should make out. America's doing a version though. Eeep.

I have Pepsi now in the fridge. I had to go to Tesco to get it. In the cold.

I have bad luck with wires. Glad I had new earphones ready.

Mum found my missing hoodie though, so I have the money within. Woo!

Rough to-do list this week.

*Get Kerrang
*Re-read Umbrella Academy
*Guitar Hero
*Listen to Ian on the radio downstairs

*Go in charity shop (as long as flu's fully gone)

*Start Hotel Dusk
*Watch Death Note (gonna start watching at least one disk a week cause I've been holding off on it for too long, despite having the whole series now)
*Finish Death Troopers

Gonna ponder what to eat soon, after The Simpsons.

Yay for The Blackout doing signings. Time to pester those Welshies again.
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