January 10th, 2010

Jay Cock!

This is gonna be fun

Not done much in the last day. Been back on the Wii, specifically on AC and Mario. I love the penguin suit and the level where it looks like the coins and blocks are dancing.

Heroes started here again. I forgot how good it was and how nommy Sylar is. I hope he gets his body back and does Hiro. (Ok I know he gets it back but still...)

Hot Jay manip of hotness! Everyone go see.


The library of congress is real pretty. Yeah, I'm watching the thing on tv bout The Lost Symbol, cause I missed it first time.

LJ seems too be sorting itself out slowly. If I've not comment/replied it's causa this.

Dumb power lead's fucked up. The bit that plugs in the back of the laptop has come away and where it was... sparks. Joy. So I've had to order a new one. Until it comes I've had to use mum's lead.

Huzzah for the Doctor specials being on the way. Can't wait to rewatch Waters of Mars.

Comp and SN was screwy last night, hence why I wasn't on. Damn thing.

Being Human tonight, yay! Shall be watching, hopefully with doritos if I don't feel full from crackers, which I'll have soon.

Gotta check mum's work tonight. Joy.

Thankfully found my JC thing, so I'm set for tomorrow.

That's it really I think. Gonna go on Guitar Hero tomorrow and Hotel Dusk (expect Lois/Jeff porn). May start writing tonight or tomorrow, next xmas fic I think, though which one... I dunno.
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