January 6th, 2010

Jay In the darkness

'You're gonna attack them?!' That's what you sound like

As I've said before, some people are so stupid. If you've not got the sense to read warnings, you shouldn't read fic. Honestly.

Anyway, I'm feeling better then I did. My throat's still sore, my voice is quiet and I'm still coughing but... yeah it's an improvement.

It's been snowing here quite heavily. It's been real perdy. Danny seems fixated on going out in it pointlessly, but he is mad.

I went out in it and got back ok. I just got Rock Sound and Kerrang, yay! (More on those in a bit.)

I started writing the next of the Christmas fics last night, which I hope to finish today. Tis an MCR one. I think some of the Christmas fics might not end up done, but only 2 or 3.

Yay for Something Something Dark Side, cause I watched it again this morning and it's awesome.

Has anyone watched Glee? I keep seeing ads and wonder... is this good or shit?

Finally Luke and Lorelai kissed in Gilmore Girls yesterday. I've not been watching it long, but they're so obviously meant tobe together.

I need to go on Republic Heroes more, so I can go on Hotel Dusk (though it doesn't help I keep goign on mum's Layton game).

And, of course, I need to go on the Wii games once I'm better.

Fizzy Vimto is good, but not as good as Pepsi.

Damn you net for dying last night!!

Anyway, I've had a quick look through Kerrang and Rock Sound. Kerrang isn't special, but it's worth it for the calendar. Why do I get Gerard for my birthday? Sigh. Ian's in it too and he's smart. He's read a book on quantum physics! How cool is that? Also there's more posters this week. I hope it's a trend. Next week's looks better cause there's a poster of The Blackout, there's stuff with Bullet and Lostprophets. Yay! Welshie attack!

There there's Rock Sound. It has the reader's poll which is terribly inconsistant. There are 6 bands which are in both best and worst British bands. 6! And, even odder, BMTH is number 1 in both! Ah the inconistancy. Of course the main reason for getting it is for the cover but I'm yet to read the article (although wasn't Matt Tuck meant to be there? Damn you Sean!). I'll read the article soon, but for now I'm just gonna sit back and wait for the predictable Sean/Gavin/Oli fic with chains.

Anyway, gonna add some pics now (this is why people have the DSi, for pics!). I still fail at pics of Xmas stuff, which I may do when I'm betters.

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