January 4th, 2010

Matt Good Open wide

The inability to speak does not mean I wanna listen to you complain

So the past few days I've spent my time in bed. I've not really felt up to moving. I've had a temperature, a sore throat (which has led to me losing my voice), felt weak and generally been ugh.

I hate being sick, it sucks and not in the good way.

Saturday night I had such a shitty sleep because of it. Ugh.

I've played a little on Republic Heroes which came Saturday, but not much cause sickness made me lose focus. Yay for being able to be Kit and Cad Bane. Hotel Dusk came today but I won't go on that for awhile.

I need to cancel my dentist appointment tomorrow, though it'll kill my throat. Bah.

I'm gonna go now. I wanted to write but not being able to focus killed that.

Off to curl up in bed again.
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