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November 30th, 2009

Jay Cock!

We can use it for soup!

Yesterday was ok. Got a few cheap books at garden center and plants. Fed the perdy and adorable black swan. It nommed bread right outta my hand! Odd how it's so tame.

I swear mum's been replaced, since she said I could get an ickle Zero at some point. Odd.

Rest of the night was ok. Robots was good. I want one iof those ickle tiny things! Watched The Queen, amused Morgana was in it. Downloaded Lit on the Wii, tis good. I slept early cause my head hurt, but it meant I was up for 4/5 gah.

Went to Cannock this moring. Hate the cold. But I got a pumpkin, which'll be used for soup. And made into a late lantern since the one I had was crappy and went funny. It's about the size of my head! Hence, my arm hurt.

Not been on Resident Evil today cause wiimote needed charging.

Dentist called me to rebook. Sigh. Saves me call. It'll be next Monday at 3:25. Bah.

I saw The Sex And The City movie in Co-Op cheap. May get after Friday if it's still there.

Gonna try and start fic tonight, before Flashforward and stuff. Or after it.

Anyway, food's done so gonna eat.
Jay Cock!

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