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November 19th, 2009

Jay Cock!

Light up, light up as if you have a choice

Today's been kinda win/fail so here's a plus/minus thing:
-I thought I had dentist today
+It turns out I didn't
-It was yesterday and cause I was dim I now have to go at 3:30 on Monday instead, bah
-So I went all the way there needlessly
+Got the last two-disc Trek on the shelf
-Faily self sevice checkout
+Faily self-service checkout not scanning the Clone Wars fig I got, so I got it free (I didn't realise till I was on the bus)
+Getting Bob Clone (The Blackout Bob, not MCR Bob)
-Waiting forever in line at the Post
+Getting the Giratina fig from Game
+Getting the Mexican things that taste like Mcdonalds deli things
+Getting six bottles of Pepsi
+Getting Reeses Pieces
-Somehow only being left with £10 making Blessthefall doubtful

Also saw the Nintendo magaone which I want. It's so shiny! But I mostly want it for the Zelda revieww, cause Zelda is love. And my second tatt would be Zelda related.

Matt Tuck has a twitter, how could I not know this?

Off now. Sarah Jane soon, then later gonna watch Star Trek. Hopefully gonna finish some fic tonight too. I'm about a third done on it. So, woo!

Still edit for Sarah Jane: How does Luke keep getting so nommy. Nghh. Showing skin and being sweaty is guhsome.
Jay Cock!

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