November 17th, 2009

Jay Cock!


My body's pretty much decided to hibernate today. Most of the daylight part of the day has been spent sleeping, which was extremely annoying as I has stuff to do. Sigh.

Of course sleep means odd dreams. First had spiders (eww eww eww) and second had shemale!MCR, which is odd cause... why MCR? And there was somethiing with Jay too.

Yesterday wasn't special, hence it didn't get a post. It was boring for the most part. The only good thing was finishing off the Clone Wars. Yay! It is, of course, awesome. I hadn't seen the last 12 episodes at all until I got the dvd and most were good/awesome (although in those 12 is the Lurmen two-parter which is the worst of the series). I'm pondering doing a review type thing to post soon, causa how awesome it is.

I hope that Jaybo comes back (cause Anakin'd so bang him), as well as Mar Tuuk (cause he's smarter then the average Seperatist commander), Numa (unlikely but she's adorable) and Aurra Sing (yes I know she's definitely in a future series 2 ep but still... and I really want her to meet Ventress). Oh and more bunny droids! They're cute and funny.

I started fic last night, but then I got block for it which, due to me sleeping, has yet to return. Might look back at it soon.

Trailer thing for the new Resident Evil looks awesome. And yay those crazy twins are gonna be in it! And of course, there's Leon and... the other guy from Code Veronica. The cute redhead? I can't remember his name.

2010's the year of getting ink for me I think. Well, attempting anyway. Probably.

The Change4Life things before The Simpsons really pisses me off.

Fuck of Twilight ad! I was quite happily not seeing any for days then bam! Stupid thing.

In a week or so I'm gonna do a post for anyone that wants fic for Christmas. SO anyone that'll want one post there.

Going to go on AC now then maybe write/pester people/look for stuff.
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