November 15th, 2009

Doctor/Jethro Thoughtful... or bored

Water always wins

Woo! Doctor Who!

Ok that was pretty awesome. Definitely (as expected) the best of the specials so far. It was scary and brilliant. I liked Roman, he was pretty. Why did he have to die? I also liked that Yuri's brother was married to a man. Woo! I like that Adelaide saw the Daleks and that was her inspiration (or course, the Dalek leaving seems out of character for them, but it could've been when the Daleks were recalled to the Crucible). If the Doctor had kept his mouth shut about her future, she'd never have shot herself. And yeah, the Doctor's kinda lost it a bit right? Cuckoo!

Can it be Christmas now? The next ep looks awesome. Although why is Ood Sigma on Earth hmm? I'm glad Donna's in it again. Gah I want! I'll watch the online preview after Confidential.

Apart from that I've watched 3 of the 4 discs of Clone Wars. It's awesome. Obi-Wan, why are you wanting to bang Ventress? Kit's awesome as always (I still think that's the best ep of the first 16 so far). The ones I like the least are the Lurmen ones. They're cute, but their vocies annoy me.

May get Trek tomorrow if it's under £10. Mum's sending me to take something back so I'm allowed to use the money (it might have to be an exchange anyway since it was done on her card).

Tomorrow, gonna watch the last of the Clone Wars, perhaps write if I feel like it. I did yesterday, finishing an idea that wouldn't leave me alone. Woo!
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