November 12th, 2009

Jay Cock!

Nothing lasts forever, except you and me


I loves yous so muchy. I hope your b-day gets better now.

Random things worthy of a post, but not worthy of elaboration:
*Did Saur's fic, which I was worried about not finishing in time
*Stupid Final Fantasy is frustrating again. Stupid Judge Of Wings
*There's gonna be a season 4 of Torchwood which goes into production next year. Bring back Ianto and we'll talk. Otherwise it'll just be depressing
*I spent today sleeping mostly I've not felt liike messing about for some reason. Probably the cold
*Stupid laptop's been stupid
*The new mouse came today, it's perdy and the roller thing is blue like UV!
*Still need to take pics at some point. May have to use the Wii memory card. Bah
*Gonna borrow mum's laptop to watch Defying Gravity, 17 Again and Pandorum on it over the next few days.
*True Blood last night was sad. Sookiee didn't need to put up with those asshole people.
*5 Twilight ads in one adbreak is 5 too many. Hell one is too fucking any
*Mum thought I might be interested in it, leading into a ramble why it's bad and an insult to vampires and werewolves. And human beings, trees and sparkly objects.
*Sarah Jane's good. Angry schoolboy Luke is hot. And he so loves Clyde. Obvious much.
*I'm stuck watching Paul O'Grady cause there's gonna be a Doctor Who thing on
*Can it be Sunday now?
*Not gonna write tonigt, may tomorrow
*Gotta read tonight too and watch youtube vids to close the links.
*And gotta settle on icons

I think that's it really. How's everyone/everything?
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