September 24th, 2009

Jay Cock!

It's an offer not a challenge

Random post time.

Finished fic this morning, which I'm glad of. Yay! If you read, comment or I'll... errr.

I'll work on another fic soon. Ish.

Went to Cannock today. Got fishnet tights and yayed at Asda having a Halloween section finally. I got some stuff for Saur, getting a cutes Wall-E fig and dvds for me. I got a fig from Argos. I wish it'd been a Magnaguard, Padme or Kit, but I got the Rocket Battle Droid. I hate they had Kit's wave but not Kit. Gah! I want him! I'll try again if they're still on offer.

Yay for Kylie playing in The Simpsons! At a gay bar!

I gotta go through my new dvd pile cause it's quite big now. It's scary. I think it might lunge at me.

I forgot what else I'll ramble about. I might do a fic related poll soonish, if I'm not too lazy.
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