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September 23rd, 2009

Quinn/Dan Lick

Burn the confessions

So I'm back from The Used.

Birmingham kinda fails. I'm glad I went last week cause everything I got then (seriously, everything) was gone. Also sucky was two things I was gonna get (the Watchmen graphic novel which was only £5 and a Padme fig) was gone too. The massive Oli poster was gone as the shope was open so I got no pics of that.

Forbidden Planet had the new Kit fig, but they had loads so I didn't get. I hope I don't regret that.

Anyway, I went to the new Academy, got tickets for the FFAF/Attack! Atttack!/Fightstar gig. However, I couldn't get the Used ticket till doors opening. Cue worry.

I did a bit of shopping, spending only about £10 and getting cheap stuff. I got the Torchwood yearbook for £2.99, a set of Faily Guy Blue Harvest cards for £2.99 (Which feel odd), two Trek dvds for £1 each (one being an Original Series one, my first) and, perhaps best the best one, a harcover of The Force Unleashed (for £1.99 which is uber cheap!).

I used the toilet in the Bull RIng... but on the way in someone thought I was a chick and tried to stop me. Gah.

After that I read a bit in that chinese garden bit (I took pics) and then wandered around the new venue. I got given a free Guave drink which was real nice.

It wasn't until about 6 that I found out The Used were at the old venue. FAIL!

Before I joined the line, 3 people asked for directions to the other one. What am I? A map. After that it was straight forward in the line. Once I got my bag searched, the guy was cute. He saw my Force Unleashed book and geeked out. Cuteness! We held up the line a little.

Once inside I went straight to the merch. The tee's and hoodies weren't special, but I got a poster which was signed (it was £10, but it's pretty and signed so...).

The first band, Hexes were eh. Between bands the lights and sound went a bit iffy. The next band were We Are The Ocean (which I'd forgot/blanked on their being there). They were awesome! They played a new song, which was all kinds of awesome. I remember it had something about burning confessions in it. They also gave us what may be an explanation for the electrics fucking up: this was the last gig at the old academy. It actually made me kinda sad.

After a long wait there was The Used (in the gap I heard someone say it was causa a pre-show wank). It was hard to see them which sucks and I had zero view of Dan. They were awesome though! Bert was his strange, tiny self. They played lots of songs I liked (though missed Blue and Yellow and Men Are All The Same) but they played On My Own (which made me sad). During On My Own it was the first encore song and Dan and Jepha were nowhere to be seen. Of course they were making out. Or giving each other head.

In short, awesomes! Pictures tomorrow.

The way home was harder causa a replacement bus service, but I ate before the train so... nom!

I looked at the psoter. The Used fail! They signed upside down! Cept Jepha who signed sideways on Dan. To get back at him for other post ownership I guess.

Anyway, to do.. whatever now. Shall fic tomorrow.
Quinn/Dan Lick

Just steal it from your record store

This is just a pic post. No rambling cause I'm lazy.

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