September 8th, 2009

Jay Cock!

In perfect hibernation

I'm watching Ghosthunting with Paul O'Grady and if I ever wanna go in catacombs, slap me. It's just... disturbing looking. It looks insanely creepy in a bad way. Ugh. I mean, there's a two year old girl from the 20's preserved in a glass case and she looks... so creepy because she looks like her eyes could open any moment.

I'm so drained causa today, so shall curl up and sleep soon.

Tomorrow I may write. Like I said, it'd be a kinkyways fic. (And gah listening to The Horrors made me add Joshua to the notepad for it.)

On Thursday I'll be moving my books onto accessible shelves... and sent to food shopping. I dunno if I'll be going to Cannock Wednesday to get my set of not.

Anyway, sleepies soon.
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There's nature everywhere you look!

Today has meant more disruption.

Since I've got no bed I had a shit as fuck sleep. When I do wake up, there's the electrians. They bang and drill for short periods, alternating. It isn't until clouds of dust fill the room (where's the warning?) and I get drills in both ears that I eventually thought 'fuck this' and relocated.

So now I'm outside again. Woo.

The mouse keeps fucking up and annoying me.

Oh and they kindy kill the living room power without saying anything, so this post is typed minus net.

The good things are:
*Uncle got the lego set. Yay for the STAP! I'm gonna ask him to get tomorrow's, since I can't really get it
*Minis came and they are awesome. I got the mouse droid (which I really wanted and it's so cute and teeny), a Felucian, a HK-50, Darth Plagueis (an ultra rare) and an R2-D2. Awesome!
*Mum's getting Dominos for all the disruption! Yay!

Bah. Soon they'll be gone and I can sort everything out again.
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