July 15th, 2009

Ilan Whore?

Hold on let me check

This post is pretty random. You have been warned.

I saw nice lady at the co-op the other day. She had nice hair and rememebered who I was. That made me all smily. Least someone missed me here.

I've not told mum bout Attack! Attack! yet. I really wish it was a different day since I think I'll either be unable to go or have to be really sneaky about it, which means making the 5ish hour trip either the day before or on the same day and I have to be making my way back the day after too. Bah.

We have the drying equipment downstairs, which makes it sound like we're in a windturbine. Seriously, they're like mini jet engines which may be why I dreamed I was on a plane.

This week's Kerrang is eh. Though there's an ad for The Used's tour which made me squee a little inside. Next week's has them and Bullet so it's gotta be good! I hope there's good posters too. I also hope Matthew's Warped blog will mean there's a future Madina/The Blackout pic.

Ilan Rubin you're an idiot for leaving the boywhore that is Ian Lostprophets for Nine Inch Nails. From the sounds of it they're either ending their career or going on hold indefinitely. I should slap your pretty curly haired face! I hope he gets on his knees and begs goes back to Lostprophets. I dun like his replacement. And yes, I am using an icon of him for emphasis. I guess it means he'll do The New Regime more though.

Anyway Panic! (aka Brendon and Spencer) have released a demo. It's awesome cause it sounds like oldschool Panic! and yes, the ! is back too. I guess we can blame the monotone robot that is Ryan Ross for Pretty. Odd (can you tell I don't go too much on it?). I finally managed to get my brain cell working to write fic last night. Just random porn, but still... I'm gonna try working on the rest of The Outback and shall be watching Battle Royale at some point.

I hate that the digital signal keeps going odd. It annoys the hell outta me.

I'll have to set the Wii back up to go on Harvest Moon/AC/Pikmin at some point.

Got South Park on again, which is amusing.

The Blackout, stop putting Rhys in a bin unless you're gonna take pictures. Cause right now I pictures him in one upside down with his legs sticking out and flailing.

And there the random post ends.

Edit: "10 letter meme". Comment me and I'll give you a letter and you post 10 things you love starting with the letter, yadda. Everyone do this.

COMMENT FOR A LETTER. zombievomit gave me N
1: Nathan Leone
2: Naboo
3: Nintendo
4: Nite Owl
5: Nightmare Before Christmas
6: New Earth
7: The New Regime
8: N64
9: NC-17 fic
10: Necro
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