July 9th, 2009

Torchwood Ianto Pretty

Worst ending ever

That was the... fucking... worst thing ever. It's like that Buffy episode where Tara got shot. Probably worse.

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Sad rant over. Today was good but now I'm just depressed.

JC is finally sorted. I just need to go into the JC on Monday. Hopefully it'll be easy.

Today we were meant to go to Walsall, but instead went to Wolverhampton. I got some good stuff. Catherine Tate series 1 for only 75p, the last Doctor Who ep, a prehistoric animal book and Pikmin and Trauma Center for the Wii.

Now I'm all... fucking depressed. I think even mum got a bit teary.

I'll watch Catherine Tate to cheer me up, thene maybe go on the Wii.
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