July 8th, 2009

Jay Cock!

It's a flower of the desert

The clock downstairs has died, so I took the call a few minutes ok as being not important (cause the clock said it was 8:50 before ay buisness would be open). When actually it may have been JC. Oops. They didn't leave a number or message annoyingly.

That Jona dude is now officially in BMTH. I'm indifferent to it really. I prefered Curtis but...

Speaking of band oddness, Panic! have already got a Ryanless song essentially ready for a soundtrack. Am I the only one thinking that's suspicious?

I didn't know that Ilan and Dan Whitesides have such close birthdays.

The Used are doing a tour! A proper tour! Since I've been iinto them, the nearest to one has been the Taste Of Chaos tour, which I don't count (even though it's over The Blackout and The Used totally had some madkinky sex). I must, must go. Gotta also try and go to the Lostprophets warm up gig.

I've gotta get photoshop or something on this cause it took forever to make my new icon on this thing. Damnit.

I may edit this post if Kerrang has anything interesting when I go to get it. Which'll probably be in a few. After this Bullet song.

Edit: Kerrang's not too exciting. There's something bout Warped to read about and a Papa Roach poster and little else. Next week's looks eh too.
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Jay Cock!


Yeah, Torchwood rambling again!

Questions from other eps: With the hub gone, does that mean that the pterodactyl/the weevil/Gray have been destroyed too?

What is the deal with the 456 and children? Do they like snacking on them? What's the deal with them spitting out goo all the time? It seems they have claws, like the Macra? Are they related? Aww at Ianto wanting to do it with Jack. Damn Rhys and his beans! (He could've watched!) But he was so cute putting the Hub 2 thing up. And I wonder what Ianto did with those contact things? Make porn? Yay PC Andy, I'm glad he's still around. Ianto's awesome again. That Johnson chick is a bitch. They'd better not hurt Jack's daughter. I can't imagine he'd be too thrilled about that. And I had a feeling Jack was killed cause he knew something. Also damn those Americans being assholes. Remember the last time aliens made contact? They kinda fried your president. But yay for the American newsreader.

Stupid JC calling back and it being not sorted. So I've had to make more calls and gotta do another tomorrow before goin to Walsall.

Apart from that, nothing exciting. Gonna finish fic now.

And sort firefox cause it's being annoying.
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