July 6th, 2009

Jay Cock!

The Choice

The Choice
Pairing: ???*, Brendon Urie, Jon Walker, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Zack Hall
Rating: NC-17
POV: ???
Warnings: Nullification, torture, gore, BDSM
Notes: *Their torturer was wrote with no one in mind, apart from it being a band boy (one the they obviously didn't know). To me it's Jay, but it's open ended. For anon_lovefest (though the request was for rape and torture and I just focussed on the latter cause that's what came to me). Funny how my first Panic! fic in ages is torture. Also odd, apparently this is the first time I've ficced Brendon. Huh.
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Jay Cock!

Got a funny quiff

I didn't get to sleep last night till about 5ish. It didn't help that the door downstairs was being creepy and kept opening and closing all of a sudden. I eventually got so creeped out I shut it and turned the light on.

Before that I finally sorted out an anon fic. Huzzah!

I'm on the laptop that aol sent us, despite us saying we didn't want it. We figure I may as well use it.

I've not set up the digibox in my room, solely cause my aerial cable is awol. Bah. However, I have sorted the one downlstairs so... yay. I've put up a few posters and I'll sort through the others in a bit.

I expect I'll be downstairs more then up for awhile.

The Tenacious D film was on last night and it was pretty funny, perhaps more then I'd expected.

This morning there's been a thunderstorm so I've not been able to make the JC call yet causa the noise. I will after lunch.

My glasses fell off my head and so one lens keeps dropping out. Mum's gonna take em to be sorted tomorrow.

I feel like doing a random picspam. Maybe I will tomorrow or something.

I may as well keep out of MCR fic for awhile. Cause I can't seem to write them or anything. So... yeah.

I'm in a random mood really.

I can't wait for Torchwood tonight. 8 hours to go!

Mum's gonna be gone soon for awhile, so yay!
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Jay Cock!

We are coming... back

Gah Torchwood! Just gah!

I kinda hoped the doctor guy had lived, cause he was kinda pretty. Ianto was so so adorable! I guess Jack is the one from the trailer, all chained and burned looking. It's interesting that they seemed to be going after Jack specifically (destroying the Hub seemed like a bonus). I wonder what they'd have done if Torchwood 1 was still around). It's amusing that they know Jack's imortal, but not why. Pssh, the rift making him like it... how stupid. Gwen's reactions to her baby amuse me. And of course there's the whole 'why use children/what do our government have to do with it'. To me that seems very The X-Files like, cept with us doing the conspiring instead of the Americans. Which I guess makes a change.

I wanna see the rest now! Like, right now!

In other news:
*JC are useless. I call them up, finally get through then find out Tonbridge have fucked up soomewhere so I have to call them. So I do. 5 times. And each time it doesn't even ring.
*Ryan and Jon have split away from Panic! (possibly to become a folk duo, porn stars or a breakaway republic) It still seems... odd.
*Gonna try finishing fic soon
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