June 28th, 2009

Jay Cock!

You will get nothing and like it!

The past few days have been fairly slow. I wrote. We went to the garden center. I spent all of yesterday morning watching CITV. I'll have to watch it at 3:30 next week causa Pokemon!

I found out the pics I took got saved on the camera, not card and, with the camera dead and neither a usb lead for it or a charger, I'll have to wait till I'm home. Until then here are Mikey's pics, a few of which are me.

Right now Mikey's doing pizza.

After that I'll go on AC after to do the flea market and stuff.

That's it really. Not looking forward to tomorrow, cause it'll obviously suck. Stupid ass job center fucking everything up. I hope they don't insist I stay longer. Well, part of me does.

Hopefully Harvest Moon comes then so I'll have that to cheer me up/calm me down.

Next week I should be home. Over the next week we'll be going to see Ice Age 3/going to Toys R Us and maybe going to London's Gay Pride, since that's goin on next week too.
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