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June 22nd, 2009

Jay Topless

In the starless moon sky

I've got some moon landing footage on now, cause BBC 4 are showing it. Patrick Moore's voice is so hard to understand though. I can't make out half of the words. It's still pretty incredible though, despite the footage being 40 years old.

We went round the wildfowl reserve today. It was nice. I took some pictures (which'll go in the future pic post which'll be tomorrow or something). The best parts were seeing a couple of grebe's diving and being cute, some adorable bunnies being adorable and a load of cutes newts in a pond. They were so adorable and just... awwww. I has pics of them.

Then we watched Jurassic Park, which was awesome. Dinosaurs=< 3.

Tomorrow Mikeysaur's ordering me Doctor Who series 4 (since we're not going to Bromley so...). We were gonna order an Umbrella Academy figure set on amazon (which was under £20) but it's gone now. If there's not a cheap one (£20ish) before Thursday then I'll cave and order it off play.

Tonight there was the Family Guy ep where Stewie abducts the TNG cast, which was all kinds of funny and awesome. Funny too was Brian hallucinating about a dancing bottle of Jagermeister (I'm sure Padge has had that many times).

Tomorrow I'm gonna write something I think, though what I'm not sure. I probably won't finish the UA fic I was working on. Instead I might do a Jay or Jacoby one (or Oli or Mateo...). And I gotta icon tomorrow.

Tuesday's the day we're finally doing the Clone Wars run.

We finally have a working digibox, which Mikey got yesterday. At the same time Mikey got an ngamer magazine, which has three games I want later this year: Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

In Pokemon, I'm randomly looking through the rest of the Battle Frontier buildings. I keep trying to do the battle hall Houndoom, but often fail.

Next week I should be home... what's left of it.
Jay Cock!

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