June 19th, 2009

Jay Cock!

In the end, we're all on the same side

I'm not a very political person, unless it comes to bastards like the BNP or shit like that. I've vaguely been watching stuff about the Iran elections and it fucking... how does someone like that come to power in the first place? It astonds me how the internet has been used to organise the protests and resistance. I just hope they manage to make a real change with comparitively little bloodshed. If any of the main global powers have sense, they'd send forces to help too.

My grandad always used to say they'll never be peace as long as there's two men in the world. I'm less pessimistic. In the end, we're all human beings. We should (hopefully sooner rather then later) all be able to leave together peacefully, without all these wars and shit. Hopefully it will happen one day. Hopefully the power mad and bigotted will finally lose their power over the masses and we'll live in a better world.


Yeah, so that was fairly random right?

We watched our Download montage thing earlier. It's amusing and should hopefully be uploaded in parts soon. I think my voice sounds terrible though.

Talking to mum again makes me realise how uninhabitable the house will be (the builders ctually said it will be yesterday). The following has to be done to it:
*Chimmney's gotta go
*All the electric's gotta be redone
*Dryers have to be bought back in
*Damp problem solved
*Insulation's gotta be put in
*The stairs and living room have to be plastered
*Living room's gotta be recarpeted
*Garage roof has to be sorted

Yeah. I'm sure I've forgotten something too. Madness.

She also said nan's been out and about of her room which is good.

Picture post tomorrow or some shit like that. Here's one pic Mikeysaur posted: the stormtrooper one!

Job Center's stupid cause the dude I had to see wasn't there was he? Bah.

The new The Blackout vid's out. It's hot. Lookiee

I tried to cap the Papa Roach vid. He's not on his knees enough for good caps damnit!


We're gonna watch a film soon, called Dying Breed or something. It's got Leigh Whannell in and it's about cannibalism. That's all I need to know.

Bon nuit.
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