May 21st, 2009

Mateo Pretty

Left Swinging In The Darkness

Left Swinging In The Darkness
Pairing: Mateo Camargo/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mateo
Warnings: Implied-cannibalism, torture, gore, snuff
Notes: This was finished last night, but the net fucked up so I couldn't post till now. This was done mostly for fruityahren and cause I felt rusty with the goreness.
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Jay Cock!

People aren't very smart

Nice one people at the cold storage. They're using some form of torches andit's just been set alight. Also, there's gas canisters, so it might go boom any minute. It's far enough away not to hurt us.

We went to see sheep today. They're so cute and adorable. How can people eat them?

Yay for (oddly) having Russian fans. It's very strange.

The Blackout uploaded the album on their site, so we've been listening to it a lot. My mp3 does the same to The Blackout songs, so I've sent the people that makes it an e-mail asking what the fuck.

I finished the Mateo/Jay fic last night, but could only post it this morning causa stupid net dying. Next fic'll be mem fic, dunno when I'll be in the mood to do the rest of the girl!Kirk one.


Sean likes the cock, but we knew that. Stupid blond goth makes me want sushi. Bah, doubt we'll have it anytime soon.

Matt Good's pretty in Kerrang.

Next week we're going to Forbidden Planet before the gig next week. The nearest station is easy to get to, so we just go there. I'll be getting Umbrella Academy figs then (either instore or giving Mikey the money to get it once we get home).

Things to do in the next week: Clone Wars run and (more likely) Umbrella Academy read through. The vague idea I have keeps playing in my mind. I may use it at some point.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Edit: As if spiders weren't bad enough, know thre's venomus killer spiders wandering around.
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