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May 12th, 2009

Jay Cock!

You pointy eared bastard

Yesterday's JC was boring. Next time's a bank holiday, so I wouldn't have to go if it wasn't for their stupid appointment on the Thursday. I went in charity shops after and got a set of 12 TNG videos from one of them for £5. I thought they were a whole season, but they're random ones. Still, it's good really. I got two plates from another cause I thought they looked nice. I'm odd like that. I also got the Star Trek magazine from Smiths, cause I'm geeky like that.

I came back, had to walk from from Sevenoaks causa the damn trains screwing up and then watched Friends. I watched it then the Simpsons before finally crashing. After 25 hours awake I finally slept.

I slept for about eight hours till about 2 or 3. I've been up pretty much since then, unable to get bacck to sleep properly so I've been in the media room not doing much. I honestly can't think what I've done really. I watched the last best of Barker dvd and been on AC but that's it. I had that the tv has no aerial to get any channels and that you have to be at a certain angle to see it properly.

The bank card's still not come off mum, so I have to call her to try and get it. I will after 1.

I've gotta go to tesco at some point to day to get Kerrang before it goes.

I started, the other night, another Star Trek fic. I expected it to be a follow up (or something aong those lines) of the last one I did. Instead, it's a girl!Kirk one. I blame the people on the Star Trek kink meme for requesting girl!Kirk and my brain for getting an idea stuck in it. Actually it got about two or three and the one I started on has changed from the idea it was gonna be. I'm doing it segments at a time really, until I watch the movie again (or at least bits of it, cause Mikey's downloaded it). Basically it's like the movie on Kirk's a chick and, as such, is a bit of a nympho.

I have to re-read bits though to make sure my sleep-deprived state didn't fuck words up.

After that, I'll probably do a Mateo one and then finish the meme ones.

No other plans for today, apart from sorting icons and... I dunno.

Edit: I just called her, which ended up being the shortest conversation I've had since I've been here. The card's come and she's not realised she's had to send it, despite me telling her to do so. Nan's got an infection again and she's not able to go cause she's sick. The workmen haven't come yet. Are they ever gonna start?

Also she's complaining at me not being back at the end of the month and now I realise why and I feel so fucking stupid. The day after the gig's the anniversary of grandad's death and she's going to be alone.
Jay Cock!

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