March 25th, 2009

Jay Cock!

That concludes the portion of the tour where you stay alive

It's early and I've pretty much not slept at all. It hasn't helped that for the past two hours there's been banging of various loudnesses from next door. Sometimes coupled with drilling. Bastards. Thankfully it's subsiding now.

I pondered writing last night, though couldn't settle on a single thing.

The new Madina video is strange, mostly causa the kids.

The extra people added to Download aren't as good as I'd hoped. Why again has this year gotta be the iffy one?

Kerrang's looking good today, what with the sexy Bullet poster and all.

In Case Of Fire have replaced The Blackout at the gig. I can't rememebr if they were the good sounding Kerrang Tour band.

I'm totally shit at sorting out my comp. I'm useless at getting the thing sorted. I keep saying I will then never end up actually doing it. Same with the Clone Wars run we're meant to be doing.

We watched Heroes last night. It was pretty good. Is it wrong to think Micah's hot?

That's bout it really. Nothing's been really sorted out yet, but I think I'm ok to stay here longer.

I'm off now to try and focus my brain so I can do something.
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