February 18th, 2009

Leonecest Laying and sitting

I'm the doctor, I'm the patient, don't forget that, it's important

I'm back in the Will And Grace run. I'm halfway through Season 6 now, I'll go back to it later.

Apparently the solution to our energy problems is to create a bit of the sun. Let's hope it doesn't fuck up.

Mum got the dates mixed up, the dog lady's coming today. She's a div.

We had a fight last night over... nothing really. She's just a bitch most of the time soometimes.

Stuff's on the shelves, though most'll be redistributed once the other ones are up. Dvds R-T are now easy to get to.

I've gotta go on Animal Crossing later, cause the dumbass remote died ebfore I could finish everything.

All the fics I have to read are now open in firefox. Ten to one I'll forget em. I'll read them later.

I'm so close to finishing fic, it'll be done in the hour. Huzzah!

As for the bukkake fic, I think I'll do both Tokio Hotel and The Blackout (and do Madina and FOB later). So I need more imput. Who should get be the one who gets sticky? For all of them.

I got kerrang. It's mostly boring (though there are some prettys in a new band). Anyone that doesn't want their poster, I'll yoink. I'm gonna put up Jimmy and Steve's later (they look like they're humping) and I've put up Oli's (I love the dirty fingers...). next weeks looks boring. Get a new pic to use for Blink k? And Jared, you're a freak.

I also got cheap flowers to shut mum up. I hope.

Tomorrow I'll get money and the Doctor Who Adventures for the post of Luke. And hopefully something fizzy. I'm craving.

I'm also hungry. Though I'm not sure what there is to eat. I'll look soon.

Next week I'm gonna go to Birmingham to get Umbrella Academy (and have a sorta look round). I think I'll get tickets to Madina then too, since that's the gig I think'll sell out (Cobra's been on sale for ages and hasn't sold out so I know I'm ok with those).

Off I go to forage.
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