January 23rd, 2009

Jay Cock!

So darken your clothes

Skins last night was pretty good. Better then I expected and funny.

The workmen are here now, so I'm supervising them.

I've got Kerrang radio on. They've got a guess the year thing (and they've totally run out of year's because it's so obviously 07, I got that from just the list of artists to be played) the first song they played was teenagers. And one of the dudes was totally humming/singing along. yay!

I hope the banging doesn't hurt my head too much.

Edit: Panic! and FOB are traitors. Stupid coke
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Stay until morning

I've just missed an hour of good tv cause mum's decided to mess and bitch. Anyone got any sedatives I can slip in her tea? I'm serious. If we keep fighting like this I'll probably not see Mikey (or Claire during her half-term thingy). She wants even more of my money now, which means after the gig I can't really get anywhere.

I worked out earlier I've enough for for next week but barely. As in, I can't eat until after the gig and only unless there's nothing I want there. I've got enough to see Underworld, getn Umbrella Academy and the Battles In Time magazines from Forbidden Planet. I've got £15 in case anything's at the gig, like a tee, though I don't exxpect there to be really.

Up until the fight today was ok. The builders amused me humming more to Kerrang (even to FOB) and I did the usual stuff on AC. I've not had much time to do my things (cause the workmen dudes were here till 2 and most of that time was spent having to watch them). After The Simpsons I had a nap. So I'm gonna try and write soon once I've calmed down. I'm doing really shit on finishing the sosodirty claims on my own timetable, so I'm gonna try and do that first then Into The Darkness. I'll do a standalone tomorrow.

You remember that Tokio Hotel gore pic I posted a few days ago? The gore one? Well the artists taking commissions for free, so I've sent him an e-mail. I hope to get a reply from him soon about it.

yay for Umbrella Academy preview! though it's strange and too short. I wanna know the next page at least damnit.

I'm tired and a part of me just wants to go to bed, but I'm not gonna, not yet anyway. I've gotta at least stay up for the Dexter repeat. I'm sure by then I'll be more awake anyway.

I'm gonna wait a bit, then write.
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