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Shoot her.. or something

Zoo's are strange. I'd forgotten how many cute little animals there were until I went. Especially the penguins and the cute little monkey things. (I know their proper name starts with a T but can't recall it.) They had cute little meerkats and otters too.. And llamas, which made me sing the Llama Song inside. I love how cute animals are. I find so many to be like that.

Except spiders, which are all vile.

Even though there were none there.

Watched ep's 1 and 2. I didn't realise how much Kit was in 2 until now. Kit=love

Got some more mini's last night.

Knights Of the Old Republic 2=love. Cept when it screws up.

Japanese porn=love.

Woolworths/Argos has a Sar Wars sale on < 3

I had something else to say... but alas, my mind is blank now.

Walsall tommorrow, Wolverhampton Tuesday, Birmingham Thursday.
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