December 31st, 2008

Jay Cock!

As the year approaches it's end

I got the Dalek working last night. As expected it scared Danny. It also thinks mum's an inferior life form.... and thinks the chair is an intruder. Not the smartest thing in the universe.

I'm now onto season 8 with The X-Files. Part of me (a big part) hopes they do another movie or (better yet and more unlikely) another season. Hey, stranger things have happened.

Why did I not know the Kylie gig we went to was on? I'll have to get the dvd.

I've not got Kerrang yet. I'm gonna get it soon though. I hope the nice lady's there. She mostly does afternoon's so I hope to see her cause I've not been in awhile.

I was planning on doing a big thing about why 2008 was better then 2007 but I think I'll just do a bulletpoint thing instead. That and I already listed the best music/films of the year so...

08 is better then 07 cause...
*No one died
*I saw Bullet twice
*I pestered Mikey
*Doctor Who season 4 was awesome
*So was Torchwood season 2
*We got to meet The Blackout and Matthew was cute
*And Madina was too
*Cause I got two weeks without mum in the summer
*Seeing Kylie again

I'll edit in anymore that I can think of, cause I honestly know there's more thaat my brain cell's blanking on.

What I'll do in 09 that I didn't do in 08:
*Get a tattoo
*Play the guitar I've got so I can play at least a song
*... that's about it
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