December 13th, 2008

Matthew Scream, Matthew Wide open

Post the first

This is the first of at least three posts today. The other two will be the fic I'm finishing and a squee post after watching the last two Clone Wars back to back (which I'll watch once the last ep's downloaded [thankie to Mikeysaur for giving me the link!] and when fic's done). There may be a fourth one post-Merlin too.

I went on AC today. I planet (perhaps against my better judgement) a 40000 bells to try and get a bell tree. I figure a 40% chance is pretty decent. It's the fishing tourney today (despite the calendar saying it'snext week) and I think I won. I caught a tuna, my first on the game and submited it. Twice as big as a sea bass and rare, I doubt anyone else will get anything that'll beat it. I got a King Tut mask today too... and I forgot it makes you fall over when you wear the damn thing. I has Roald, who seems to have followed me from the DS one. Or he's stalking me, but he's adorable so...

The game order hasn't worked for some reason. I sent them an e-mail, but if I get nothing by morning I'll either call them or (if the points are back on my points card) go and get it from Cannock. Gah. It's so annoying. Stupid card.

I didn't wake properly till 2 today. Eeekish. I need to wake up earlier to see the balloon dude on AC. Why's he have to be on at 9am?

From now until Christmas I'm focussing (after this fic) on one of three kinds of fic: Into the Darkness, Christmas fics for people and any continuation to the Ray/Bobness. Once Into The Darkness is finished I'll do another multipart fic. It's either gonna be a Hostel based fic or one based on Battle Royale (or both seperately, I refuse to do them concurrently). I've thought about doing a Battle Royale one for years, so much so I've got about 3 lists of people to go into it (each different and showing the bands I've liked at the time). I've done a preliminary one in case I do decide to do one (much like a similar list for the Hostel one) which has 39 different guys on it (in the film there's about 42 people involved, but quite a few get killed off en masse). There's no guarantee I'll do it, but it's fairly likely. I'll have to watch the film again first.

That reminds me, I did (ages ago) have an idea for Kiriyama/Gerard. I'll probably do that at some point.

Anyway, I'm rambling as I often seem to do so I'll stop now to finish fic, watch Clone Wars and squee.
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Jay Cock!

The Night On Quinn's Bus

The Night On Quinn's Bus
Pairing: Quinn Allman/Sean Smith/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: Scat, 69ing
Notes: Done cause I wanted to do a scat fic and aerogroupie gave me this idea. I seem to be using the time period when Madina Lake, The Used and the Blackout tour together a lot, even though it was only for 2 dates really. it was originally gonna be done in Quinn's POV, but I couldn't make it work so I changed it to Sean's.
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Jay Cock!

Squeeing post of squeeing

This is the last post of the night and it's mostly just random squeeage (ok, it totally is).

Clone Wars

Cloak Of Darkness
*327-T's so cute!
*Ashoka's such an idiot
*Senate Commandos look cool
*It's a shame Argyus died, even though he was a traitor
*I liked it

Lair Of Grievous
*Yay Kit!
*And Nahdar!
*(Of course after seeing the ep it means the ickle ficlet I did was completely wrong)
*Even without legs Grievous is powerful (I wonder what he looks like unmasked)
*R6 is cool
*I hope they do a battle pack based on this ep
*Poor Gor
*Grievous' medic is amusing
*Best episode yets

*Yay wet Merlin
*Yay everyone lives!
*Yay that bitch Nimueh's dead
*Stupid manipulative dragon

I'm gonna watch more X-Files soon. I did win the fishing tourney on Animal Crossing. I'm going on now to see KK.
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